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    QEMC does not remember the changes?!


      Hello All,

      I'm new in QlikView and I have one server with 9.0.7440.8 version of the software. Generally its working but now I'm trying to configure the NTFS rights in QEMC but the changes that I'm trying to change are not memorized from the console. I'm changing the configuration and then press Apply button to save changes… it shows that it is saving but in the end QEMC reverts the changes that I have done. I did not receive any errors just can't change the most settings for authentication and authorization and because of that I can't resolve my problem with QlikView and iPad (I'm following this solution http://community.qlik.com/forums/p/27931/106918.aspx#106918) but I can't change any of these options. To work with the QEMC I'm using local "Administrator" account which has all rights on the server.

      Any ideas what could be the problem?