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    Problem when adding the QlikView Server Licence in Windows 2008


      I'm trying to add the licence of my QlikView Server Small Business Edition.

      As it often happens, I cannot add directly the licence number in one of the Management Consoles because the QlikView server Service cannot start (it says that's because the QlikView Server is unlicensed), but when I go the licence tab in Management console, I've a message that I cannot add my licence number because the QlikView Server service isn't started [:D].

      Anyway That's not the first time I've this problem. I used to workaround this problem by creating the lef file directly in a folder in Windows Server 2003. But today, that's the first time I use Windows Server 2008 and it's not the same directories.

      Do you know where to create the QlikView Server lef file on Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard Edition ?

      Best Regards