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    Rapid reloads, dropping zoom level and scroll position.

      Hi everyone,

      We have a freshly developed qvw application. This one needs to refresh with quite short intervals, probably going to end up at around every 2-5 minutes or so.

      Initially we had some problems with dropping selections after each reload. After some tweaks based on suggestions from this forum we were able to work them out, though.

      However, we still have some similar problems. First, the document is going to be used on a variety of different types of computer screens. QV provides the neat feature of "fit Zoom to window", but it always returns to the original size after a reload. You can imagine that gets frustrating if we reload every 5 minutes. We were thinking of a macro workaround, but since you can't kick that of on the server with the "after reload"-trigger I dont know how to set it of. One ugly solution would be to create several copies of each sheet using different zooms and let the user select the most appropriate sheet, but I would love to hear that this will not be necessary.

      Secondly, and this one is probably tricker, the scroll bar seems to always return to the top in a straight table after a reload. You can imagine the frustration when scrolling through a couple of thousand lines of data, then getting thrown back to the very top without remembering which row you where on!

      Any ideas on how to solve this, neat workarounds or even perhaps better ways to set it up to completely avoid the problem are very much appreciated!