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    Xero Accounting Integration

      Has anyone managed to integrate into the Xero accounting cloud solution?

      I notice this question was brought up in the postConnection to Xero accounting system although it remains unanswered and is 5 years old.

      With the software improvements and increased number of users has anyone succeeded.


      Thank you for any help offered.

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          Robert Hutchings

          I have


          I used a CData ODBC connector. It cost $200 for 12 months


          I will look at other options including Qliks rest.


          It works well but XERO have not set up the Inventory detail table yet. As well there is not one for fixed assets.


          Its also tricky getting the GL details (like invoice name and reference) as the GL is summarized (*1) and doesn't provide a one to one link to the say invoices table. So it a bit of a nightmare getting it all tied in. XERO need to really adjust their data structure to make it a  lot easier


          * if one supplier invoice contains more than one posting to one Gl account then the total is held as one balance in the XERO GL not two or more. So its possible to get the supplier name but not so easy to link the detail.

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            Jason Krueger

            Any luck on this. I set up the OAuth App in Xero, and installed the certs, and keys everyday to sunday in the connector and am having no luck. Anyone have any ideas on making this work?