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    How to create qvd's in qliksense

    ravindraa ravindraa

      Hi all ,

        I am trying to create QVD's in Qliksense but i am unable to create the same.

        To create create QV'd in qliksense i am following below procedure

      first i create one folder like QVD in following path -> E:\Niranjan\Qvd


      in Edit script level i have loaded one table









        GeoMakePoint([Latitude],[Longitude]) as GeoKey

      FROM [lib://Map/sample_data.xls]

      (biff, embedded labels, table is ccomp$);


      To create QVD i have used following code Store State into 'lib://Niranjan/Qvd/sales.qvd'(qvd);  but it is showing error.



      please give suggestion.


      Thanks in advance.