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    hide and show few fields based up on textboxs click

    naveen kumar

      Hello guys...

      these are the fields i had added in the straight table as a dimension.....now i need hide and show  few fields based up on click on textboxs

      PLACE    SHIP        QUANTITY     TM      GVM     AVM

      what i mean is i took 4 textboxs:

      if i click on TEXTBOX1:then i should display these three fields only

                               PLACE         SHIP               QUANTITY-------------------------------->(HIDE TM,GVM)

      if i click on TEXTBOX2:then i should display these four fields only

                                PLACE            SHIP                 QUANTITY               TM---------->(HIDE GVM)

      if i click on TEXTBOX3:then i should display these three fields only

                                  PLACE           SHIP                 GVM------------------------------------->(HIDE QUANTITY, TM)


      What i assume is to achieve this task i need to write a condition under each dimension  in that straight table.......am i right?