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    Qlik sense id. evento 300 error on Engine



      I have installed QlikSense on a Windows Server 2012R2 and during the day we lose the connection to the server using the chrome or other browser. When i consult the event visor I see the next error:


      Level: Error

      Origin: Engine

      Id event: 300



      What do produced this error? We need repair our QlikSense?


      Thank You.

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          We have solved the Qlik Sense problem was producing in the event viewer an id error. event 300 every hour.


          The cause of the error came produced by the project itself Qlik Sense Operations Monitor. This project is a task that reload the project every hour, for some reason the project is corrupted and when the task is started up was producing the error id. event 300.


          This error also was producing in the event viewer every 10 seconds an informative event type Qlik Sense Dispatcher Service id event 300 with the message SERVICE_CONTROL_INTERROGATE. Now is no longer produced.


          Also they have solved some problems of access to Qlik Sense that they occurred during the day and prevented the connection and access to applications Qlik Sense, which forced us in some cases to have to reload some of the services of Qlik Sense.


          Qlik Sense version we use is the 2.1.1.


          Thank you.

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            Casey Johnson

            Thanks, this post helped me. I'm guessing the Operation Monitor task and my app happened to reload at the same time which caused the failure?