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    Always One Selected Setting Refuses to be forgotten by Access Point

    Callum Rodgers

      Hi Guys


      Can you assist me with the following problem concerning Always One Selected (A.O.S) aka OneAndOnlyOne field property setting.


      This was set on a list box on a qvw and published to Access Point, some weeks later it was decided this should be removed from the document (so the listbox could be cleared and also allow more than one item to be selected). This was done (using a macro script) and the document published. However the published document still acts like the Always One Selected option is still ticked.


      Unsuccessful resolutions attempted so far:

      1) Restarting the qv services

      2) Loading a version of the document with all data removed (via Reduce / Remove All values)

      3) Loading a version of the document without the field which had the A.O.S setting - then reloading the document with the field re-instated

      4) Attaching a macro to the document open trigger to set the OneAndOnlyOne field to false.

      5) Attaching a macro to the documemt open trigger to clear the document cache.


      It appears the qlikview server is holding an old version of the documents data model in cache. We have uploaded the document to another test server - and it behaves correctly (no A.O.S behaviour present).


      Any suggestions on how to resolve, gratefully recieved.