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    Variables in set analysis



      I am working on a histogram bar chart. I am trying to make it so when I select a company from a filter pane the chart updates with data only from the companies with the same asset range (eg. the user selects Company A which has an asset range of 1 million - 2 million and the chart updates with data from companies who only have asset range of 1million - 2 million)


      Here is what I have so far which doesn't work:


      Count({1<[AssetRange]= P({1<[company]= $(vCompany) >} [AssetRange]) >}[ParticipationRate])


      where I have defined vCompany = GetFieldSelections([company]). When I try to hard code the company in like this:


      Count({1<[AssetRange]= P({1<[company]= {'CompanyA'} >} [AssetRange]) >}[ParticipationRate])

      I get the desired result. My question is, what am I doing wrong as far as using the variable in this case. Please feel free to ask any clarifying questions, or let me know if anything is ambiguous.

      Thanks in advance