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    How to roll up in Hierarchy load(Tree view)



      I have created a Hierarchy load and the field created(ex. Field_A)  is used in a list box where i have checked Tree view checkbox.

      Once parent node is selected ,the subsequent hierarchies are shown through which I can drill down. Now once I 'Clear all' ,its going to parent node but Tree is not collapsing to the Top node.

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          Gysbert Wassenaar

          Click the + in front of the parent node to collapse it. The Clear action will not do this for you. You can only do that manually or maybe with a macro.

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              Thanks for the response Gysbert!


              Can you please give me a sample macro to perform this action?


              I have an additional query on tree view. I have a dashboard where on the left side there is a List Box in which I have used Tree View of the hierarchy (it shows all the nodes in tree view). On right side there is a chart in which I have used a drill down group and it shows the "Child Node, Number" of the node I select on left side. When a particular node is in collapsed state (on the left) and I click on the node, it shows its Child Node & Number (as expected) but when that node is in expanded state and I click on it, instead of showing expected view, it shows the same node, number in the disabled state (means I cannot drill it further down).


              So my question is this an expected behavior of QlikView or I need to do something to make it work?

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                  Gysbert Wassenaar

                  I don't know if a macro is possible. That's why I used the word 'maybe'. So, no I do not have a sample macro.


                  When you click on an unexpanded node in the treeview listbox it and the child nodes are selected. If you click on an expanded node then only that node is selected. That is expected behaviour. The listbox does not contain a real hierarchy. It just shows the values like a tree. You can see the real field values if you disable the Show as TreeView option. The values you see then are the values you are actually selecting.