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    Installation of QVS and QVWS on one machine and QDS And QMC on other

    Karunpreet Soni

      Hi Friends,


      I am new to the installation sector of QlikView. I am working on an upgrade project where I need to install QVS and QVWS on one  virtual server (lets call it as Server1) and QDS and QMC on the other virtual server (lets call it as Server2). Both these servers have different service accounts SVC1 and SVC2 respectively.


      I have done custom installation on both the servers. Also, I have started the respective services on both the servers.


      Services at Server1


      QlikView Directory Service Connector       Log On: SVC1

      QlikView Server                                       Log On: SVC1

      QlikView WebServer                                Log On: SVC1


      Services at Server2


      QlikView Distribution Service                    Log On: SVC1

      QlikView Management  Service                 Log On: SVC1


      When I am opening my QMC on Server2

      I am seeing this (PFA the Server2-Services.png)


      It's obvious that as I have not installed those services on Server2 they would be disconnected/disabled only.


      When I tried changing the the QVS setting from System-> Setup-> QlikView Server


      where I had put the Link Machine as Server1

      and associated login credentials. I am getting the following error (PFA Server2-Setup.png).

      Note: Both the Servers are in the same domain.

      Can some one please help me with the setup.

      Thanking everyone in anticipation