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    Configure QVSTunnel on IIS 7

    Filippo Veronesi

      Dear All,

      I'm going crazy about the configuration of QvsTunnel on IIS 7.

      I have build a new machine with Windows Server 2008 Standard with SP1, on It I installed IIS 7 and then QlikView Server with IIS support.

      Now I need to use SSO (Single Sign On) so, like in the documentation I try to use GetTicket Method from a Vb script, but I alway get this error:

      Cannot create activex object: 'QvsRemote.Client'

      If I build a vbs script and launch it from command prompt all work fine, I got my authentication ticket, so the problem is only about IIS.

      I alredy check this link:
      but without luck!!!

      Can someone help me?

      Thanks and regards.