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    Your access pass credentials are being synced (403)

    Martin Mahler

      Hi all,


      I am receiving the below error with only one(!) of my users:


      Log details:

      • Command=License user access;Result=403;ResultText=Error: Access denied
      • Login access denied for SessionID: 'd4feedb4-7c79-4660-af64-71f108a866bb', Hostname: "167.xxx.xx.xx", OperationType: 'UsageDenied'


      Checks/Audits I have conducted:

      • The user has permission to view the app/stream/node.
      • Other users in the same AD group are not experiencing any issues (Security is AD Group driven)
      • The user has permission to lease a login access pass
      • There are free login access passes available to be leased
      • AD directory has been synced multiple times, the user is receiving the same error during the course of 3 days.
      • User is accessing Qlik Sense using Chrome, refreshing the browser does not work.


      Any ideas on what is going on? Help is greatly appreciated!


      Many thanks,