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    Qlikview plugin prevents installation of QS Server

    Alexis Hadjisoteriou

      I have QlikView Desktop (11.20.12451.0) on my laptop, and attempted to install QlikSense Server.


      The Qlik Sense Server installation fails with an Environment Error saying that there is a previous installation of Qlik Sense on my machine which there is not having uninstalled both "Qlik Sense Desktop" and "QlikView Server" previously.


      Looking at the installation log I see that the possible culprit is "QlikViewPlugin" (see below). I have since uninstalled that as well but I am still getting the same error. Interestingly, installing the Qlik Sense Desktop completes without any issues. Does anybody know how I can get past the dreaded "Environment Error" and successfully install Qlik Sense Server?




      Thanks in advance