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    Excel Report

    Manoj Kulkarni

      Hi Team,


      I have one requirement in Npringint design, where in need to create excel report using an template. Template will have 2 sheets, in one sheet we need to fill the data from Qlikview using Nprinting reports & other sheet has some summary details which will be calculated using first sheet data.


      How can we do this ? It is possible with Nprinting

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          Aran Nathanson
          1. Drag and drop individual fields from the chart(s) you want to use onto sheet 1
          2. Build formulas on sheet 2. The formulas need to include the cell with the "field tag" and the cell below the "field tag"


          See attached


          NB: In my example, I put everything on the same sheet, but you can put the formula on a different sheet from the data.