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    QlikView NPrinting 17.0 Updating the Metadata in an App

    Jonathan Pitchford



      I have just started testing NPrinting 17.0 and i'm having an issue with updating the metadata in an app. I have created an app, and then a connection which has then successfully cached the .qvw metadata. I have then created a report and it is all working fine. However, if i change the .qvw (by adding an additional chart for example and save the file) and go back to the connection and reload the metadata this is not updated (I can't see the new chart) when i go back to update the report or if i create a new report, even though the cached status says generated. If i create a new app and apply the same connection to the new app then I can see the changes I made to the .qvw in the metadata when i create the report and everything works but obviously i don't wont to create a new app every time.


      I am doing something wrong (is there another way to refresh the metadata in the connection) or is there an issue with the NPrinting software?