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    QlikView reload application log problem

      For several reasons I'm not able to use QlikView Server (9) for my reloads, that's why I'm reloading using a batch in Windows Task Scheduler. For another reason I don't want to give users access to my QlikVIew Reload Script. This is all working, by unchecking script access only users with admin rights have access to the script. I also want to use log files from reload by for instance mailing errors from the reloadlogs to a database admin.
      My problem is that when you execute reloads from batch while disabling script access for users, there is no log file created. You also can't add any user credentials or something to the batch line to perform the reload under admin rights. Is there a solution for my problem?

      A possibility could be using a variable on batch line that is captured by the reload scipt that defines the section access. When this variable has a certain value section acces can be ignored or something. I tried this before but never could capture the variable in my script. Anyone managed to do this?