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    Sharing a Sheet

      Is it possible for the user to share the sheet that they created on the web client (collaboration object?) with other user? Can't seems to find the option for sharing sheet...

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          Ashfaq Mohammed

          HI khim

          it is not possible to share sheet, but instead you can share sheet objects like charts and all

          to do this please follow the steps mentioned below

          client Side setting:

          go to settings --> document proprties --> server tab in qlk view server colabration check all 3 things mentioned there

          1) Allow server book marks 2) allow server reports 3) allow server Objects

          server side seing:


          go to qemc --> system tab --> setup --> command center --> qlik view server --> Documents tab -->check alow server collobration ckeck box

          to activiate this feature


          by tis you can share sheet objects but not sheets at acesss pont/ web level


          Thanks and Regards





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              Hi Ashfaq,

              Thanks for the reply. Hope that the sheet sharing feature will be implemented in the future. I think this is essential for adhoc analysis/reporting.

              Another question: Is it possible to modify the properties of objects (changing dimension, modifying expression, etc) of the objects that created by local client? This is because when I right click on the objects that I created (locally) in the web interface, I can't find the Properties option for the object.

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              Ashfaq Mohammed

              HI Khim

              It is very much possible to change dimensions in shared objects.

              open any document in acess point. click on create chart option select chart type.

              then it will ask you for dimensions and measures. It will display all the fields available in the document.

              you can do whatever you want and can change any dimensions at any time as per your requirements

              Thanks and Regards


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                  Hi Ashfaq,

                  What I'm asking is, can the user edit the objects that created locally? For example, Developer A created a QlikView document with a Bar Chart in it. This document is created the using local client (QlikView windows client). Then, Developer A copy this QV file to the server so that the other users can access it. After the file is uploaded to the server, User XYZ started to access that document using the web client (IE Plugin or AJAX). Next, User XYZ will see the Bar Chart created earlier by Developer A. But, he want to modify the chart itself. So, is this possible?

                  Sorry if my question is not that clear.

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                      You've probably already figured this out by now, but the user can not modify objects created by the developer. They can, however, copy/clone the object and can modify the copy/clone.

                      I am also hoping the sharing of a sheet will be added soon. We are trying to delegate sheet/object development to savvy end-users who can create objects for other users/managers in their department but the process for those less savvy consumer users to view the shared objects is too difficult.

                      There is an idea in the customer portal for this (title: shared sheet objects for collaboration). Please go vote for it!

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                    Aleksander Krawiec

                    Whats NEW about sharing the sheets?

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                      Aiolos Zhao

                      Any news about sharing sheet till now?