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    Is it possible to append .QVW ? (drop the oldest month and append the newest month?)

      I have created couple of .QVDs and one .QVW for my Project. .QVW has two years worth of data from Apr-08 to Apr-10. According to client's requirement they need 2 years worth of data every end of the month. No more, No less.

      At the begining of month june-10, I'll have to hand them a new .QVW with may-08 to may-10 data. In order to do this What I can do is entirely reload the .QVW with every bit of data.

      But since the data from Apr-08 to Apr-10 is already there in existing .QVW what I want to do is, drop Apr-08 and append may-10 to the .QVW file. Is that possible?

      Please let me know if you need additional info to solve the problem.