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    Visualization Suggestion for Customer Info

      Hello All,


      Let's say I have a filter that has my list of customerID or salespersonID, etc.  Associated with each of those people is some basic demographic information say Name, Age, Sex, Address etc.


      01. Is there a way to restrict a filter to allow for only choosing one entry from that list at one time?


      02. If so, and I wanted to display some of that basic info when said person is selected, what visualization would you suggest?


      For example:


      SalesID  |  FIrstName |  LastName  |  Age  |  Sex |

      0001       |  Joe           |  Smith         |  40    |  M    |

      0002       |  Sally         |  Jones         |  50    |  F    |


      I would have a filter setup on SalesID, which is restricted to one selection at a time.


      And when selected I can display something like the following either through one or multiple visuals:


      Joe Smith




      Hopefully you get the question, but please let me know if I need to clarify.


      Thanks in advance.