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    Qlik Sense server getting unresponsive over the time




      We are using qlik sense 2.1 , it works fine for few weeks but suddenly it stops responding. we checked all services and they were in running state but when we try to access hub or qmc , we get no response. We tried restarting proxy service but nothing works unless we completely restart qlik sense services.

      After a complete reboot things goes back to normal and remains fine for next few weeks. We checked logs and window events, couldn't find anything in log but can see few errors in events related to Postgresql and Engine.


      One of them is:


      ERROR:  column c.CreatedOn does not exist at character 10



        FROM "__MigrationHistory" AS c

        LIMIT 1


      I have attached few other events that we can also see. I am nor sure what is the actual problem and how should we start debugging this.