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    Signon to QEMC?

    Gordon Savage

      Hi all,

      Just loaded v9sr4 and when I go to use QEMC it asks for a signon, even though I am logged in as a local administrator.

      How do I prevent this?



        • Signon to QEMC?
          Ashfaq Mohammed
          HI gordon In qemc --> go to system tab --> qlikview server --> security tab here select anamolous account settings as --> on local comuter apply and restart the server including services. This might help you. Thanks and Regards ASHFAQ
          • Signon to QEMC?
            Ashfaq Mohammed

            HI Gordon

            in the same location under

            Miscellaneous area

            deselect allow admin using name and password check box

            and restart server and services.

            it must solve your problem


            May i know which browser you are using to acess QEMC

            I face the same problem when i use it on opera browser.

            But with internet explorer its working fine. If not solve yet try by changing your browser also.