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    Moving Publisher License

    Brent Nichol

      How can I uninstall a Publisher license from a physical server and reuse on another.

      On the QEMC > System > Licenses > Qlikview Publisher > Qlikview Publisher License tab, there are 2 options "Update License from Server" and "Apply License". There isn't an option to remove or uninstall a license.

      I'd like to reconfigure my environment without having to uninstall/reinstall the software.

      Pertinent info: Qliview v9 SR4.

      Thanks in advance,




        • Moving Publisher License
          Karl Pover

          I would stop the QlikView Publisher services on the server where you don't want QlikView Publisher and then install the QlikView Publisher on the other server applying the same license as the other.

          I haven't tried this with Publisher, but it does work when you need to move QlikView Server from one physical server to another and avoid that the two QlikView Servers try to create a cluster since they use the same license and uninstall the whole software.


            • Moving Publisher License
              Brent Nichol

              Which service should I stop? The "QlikView Publisher Command Center Service" is the only service that has "Publisher" in the name, but it is necessary for the QEMC to provide any data.




                • Moving Publisher License
                  Karl Pover

                  Stop just the command center since you should just have one Command Center per Publisher installation. The other services can be shared with QlikView Server and you can have multiple instances of these services running on different machines per Publisher installation. Here's a excerpt from the QVS references just to make sure.

                  The components that will be installed are:
                  • The QlikView Management Service is a set of html based web pages that are
                  used to configure what the QlikView Publisher will do.
                  • The Command Center is the central coordinating component in QlikView
                  Publisher. It is responsible for maintaining the QlikView Publisher Repository
                  (QVPR) and keeping track of the different components. A QlikView
                  Publisher installation has only one Command Center.
                  • The Distribution Service is the component that is responsible for performing
                  the preparation and delivery of the QlikView files. A QlikView Publisher
                  installation can contain many Distribution services located on different
                  • The Directory Service Connector is responsible for communicating with the
                  Directory Service that keeps track of all the users and groups in your environment.
                  You need to have one Directory Service per Directory Service Provider
                  (DSP). A DSP is a connection to a specific Directory Service. The
                  included DSPs allows you to connect to Active Directory, NT4 domains,
                  Local Users and Custom Users. Custom Users are users that only exist inside
                  QlikView Publisher and have no matching Windows user attached to them.