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    Qliksense Development Architecture



      I have worked on Qlikview and we were using the three tier development architecture in our previous project.

      Now we are going to start on a Qliksense project and I need help on that.


      What architectural approach  should we follow? Should we continue with the same approach as qlikview(Creting Qvd's, Creating model and finally creating application)? Or there is a better approach in qliksense?


      After going through some posts I found that we can not manage qvf files in our folders. Please suggest the best way to go ahead.


      Thanks in Advance

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          Onno van Knotsenburg

          I would suggest to continue the same way are you are currently working.


          You would work with different Streams. Don't bother with them being in the same folder. You will start working with different nodes and publish applications to different Streams on different nodes (which in turn results in different folders).


          Note that for Qlik Sense you are no longer paying for servers, so as long as you have the (virtual) hardware, you can just put up multiple nodes ("servers").

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            Philip Doyne

            I would set up a Data Source to a folder where you keep your apps (probably with other folders for your QVD's) - in QlikView this was automatically set to where the QVW was stored but with Qlik Sense the files go in a system type folder.    The bigger problem in my view is keeping versions of the apps you create... duplicate app in Sense is a pain because you get loads of versions.   The best solution I have found so far is to EXPORT the app frequently and each time save the resulting QVF in your designated folder with an incremented version no.  That way if you need to restore it you can reimport from the QVF and you know which version you have - the automated naming in duplicating an app can give you names like SalesApp(1)(2)(3)(2) in the hub  if you have duplicated with out changing the name!   For my part I can never remember which is which.   Exporting to QVF keeps the versions and always leaves you with only one version of the file in the hub.   Hope this helps. Philip

            PS:  Dont forget that to set up a File Based Data source you need to be an Admin of sorts (not sure if it has to be root admin - definitely works - or one of the others eg Content Admin.