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    Aggregation Qlikview 9 vs 8.5

      We have application developed in 8.5 and which has expressions using aggr function and It worked fine in 8.5 but when I moved application to Qlikview 9 server and tried to open application crashes or object take like 30 mins to comeback .
      I tried opening other application which don't use aggr function on qlikview 9 and they work fine.
      I thought performance of application in qlikview 9 would be faster than 8.5 but the objects are not even showing up in qlikview 9 .Not sure what is going on.Need help
      sample expression: sum(aggr(TOT_PTNT_CNT,CYM,%_link_Study_GID,[Regimen #],RGMN_GRP_LBL,%_link_Patient_Age,Gender,[%_link_CD_Code],[Diagnosis Combo Desc],[Payment Type],
      Our data is coming at one level so in order to report at different level we need to aggregate .We have these expressions in 'line charts' and pivot tables and all objects.
      Application size: 6,857 KB
      Fact Rows: 1958596
      Please let me know if some one is experiencing the same problem or if you think I missing something.