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    set analysis

      Hi all,


      I have attached a load script of my app, as i have important data not able to attach the app.


      I am using a below expression to display value in table column.


      Num(if(Metrics='Invitations',Count({$<DateType = {invitation},batch_meta_data_id = {'34'}>}invitation_id),

      if(Metrics='Landing Page Hits',count({$<DateType = {accessed},batch_meta_data_id = {'34'}>}invitation_id),

      if(Metrics='Sign-Ups',sum({$<DateType = {signed},batch_meta_data_id = {'34'}>}user_signed),

      if(Metrics='Completions',sum({$< DateType = {completion},batch_meta_data_id = {'34'},final_test_status={'passed'}>}course_completed),

      if(Metrics='Completions Rate',sum({$< DateType = {completion},batch_meta_data_id = {'34'},final_test_status={'passed'}>}course_completed)/

      Count({$<DateType = {invitation},batch_meta_data_id = {'34'}>}invitation_id)

      ))))),if(Metrics='Completions Rate','#,##0.0%', '#,##0'))


      I am getting the value of Invitations, Completions and Completions Rate.but not the values of Landing Page Hits and Sign-Ups.

      May be the invitation table has the field batch_meta_data_id but not other tables.

      Please once check with the load script attached and help what changes should be done to get work the above expression




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          Gysbert Wassenaar

          If Invitations works and Landing Page Hits doesn't then you need to look in your data to see why there are no records with DateType accessed giving the selections you made. Try the separate expressions in text boxes.


          Count({$<DateType = {invitation},batch_meta_data_id = {'34'}>}invitation_id)

          Count({1<DateType = {invitation},batch_meta_data_id = {'34'}>}invitation_id)

          count({$<DateType = {accessed},batch_meta_data_id = {'34'}>}invitation_id)

          count({1<DateType = {accessed},batch_meta_data_id = {'34'}>}invitation_id)