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    Qlik Sense server behind ISA

    Peter van Oers

      I'm planning a deployment of a single node site server. I would like to use windows authentication with AD.

      this requires the server to be a domain member.


      I also want access from internet. This requires that port 443 and 4244 to be open for the server. But I don't want to open these ports on our internal network. Putting the server in our dmz also requires a lot of ports to be opened from the dmz to the internal network. Not only the qlik sense ports but also the ports for the AD membership of the server.


      We have a operational ISA which I can use, but this does only uses port 443.


      Is it possible to use Qlik Sense behind ISA or is there another save option to expose the Qlik Sense Server to the internet.


      Thanks for your idea's and input.