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    Limiting Data labels for line graph using PPT

    padmanabhan ramakrishnan

      Dear All,


      I am trying to create a line graph in PowerPoint using Nprinting after importing data from QlikView.

      I add the required fields in the table section of Nprinting, then I select the line graph from PowerPoint.

      Insert the required fields from table to the excel which opens up for the line graph as edit data.

      once drag and drop the fields to the excel then close it, I do not see the line on the graph but if I preview I could see the line graph.

      But I want to add the data labels for the line graph only for the First and last value of the dimension. I am unable to do it in the Nprinting Template but able to do it in Preview part of it. I have attached the QVW, nsq and template.


      please let me know if you have any solution for the same using any macros in the PPT or use of any other third party tool will do the needful.


      Thanks and regards,