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    Cut rollling 12 charts

      I have monthly data and wants to create a rolling 12-month chart which works fine. the issue I have is that for the first 11 months it accumulates less than 12 months as there is no historical data to add up to a 12-month total history so it is one month, two months, three months, etc. Is it possible to cut the presentation of the graph so it only show data that has 12 month historic figures, which means cutting the first 11 values from the chart but still keep them for calculating the 12th value?

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          Gysbert Wassenaar

          The easy way is to select those months. The alternative is to add another set modifier to your set analysis expression using count or rangecount to count the number of months in the rolling period. Perhaps you can post a small qlikview document that illustrates the problem.

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                 thanks for your reply. the issue with selecting the months is that the R12 number will only calculate for the selected months so the first 11 months in the selected range will have the same issue. what i need to achieve is to get Qlikview to start draw the line on month 12 for the selected data


              i am not familiar to rangecount. will that allow me to make a conditional drawing on the line in a chart?


              i am travelling so no access to post the document.