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    Nprinting On Demand from a Microsoft Surface

    Mike Czerwonky

      java error message.PNG

      One of our field reps is trying to use a Microsoft Surface with IE 11 installed to login into to our Access Point.  They can use our QVW app and all seems good.  However, when they try to use the On-Demand function of Nprinting, I am getting this error message.


      So, a couple questions are coming to mind. 


      Has anyone used a Microsoft Surface, even with a different web browser and successfully used Nprinting On Demand?


      In general, what browsers can I use with On-Demand and what is the version requirement?


      My development computer is running Windows 7 with IE 10 and it works fine.   Just trying to cover all bases for support to our client base.


      Happy Friday and I hope someone has some wisdom to share.