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    Table 1 work in QVD binary load file but not work in QVW file ?

    Yeo Poh sai

      Hi All



      I have a ASK001.QVW file with Table 1 work fine which binary load file name = QVW.QVW. ( this File )



      QVW.QVW IS MY Load script which consist of the table i load into this file.



      When i copy the table 1 from ASK001.QVW to QVW.QVW ,Table 1 it does not display any value.



      Can some one advise me where go wrong ?



      I have check the following :-

      1. Column67 make sure i have create variable.

      2. Currency convert from S$ to Org var is available.

      3. with out using Column66 , table work fine in QVW.QVW, see chart 1.


      In my next posting i will post the sample file ASL001.QVW which table 1 work fine.