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    Issues with Qlik Sense Upgrade to 2.2.3

      After upgrading from Qlik 2.1.1 to 2.3.3 have been dealing with a number of issues:


      1. None of my apps migrated automatically.  After manually migrating them, the apps didn't show up in the Hub until I edited their names and saved the changes in the QMC.  Mentioning this more in case it points to root cause of other issues.
      2. I have had problems getting reload tasks to run.  Existing tasks had a status of "Reset".  I was able to disable them, but not delete them, and I have a feeling they may still have been running.  When I created new tasks they would stay in the triggered state for a VERY long time before moving to started, and then take a much longer time than usual to get to finished.
      3. After rebooting server (and once it is back up) i get connection refused messages for several minutes.  In the logs, the proxy service is reporting having issues talking to the repository on port 4242 while this is happening.
      4. Overall system seems to be using more CPU when nothing is happening (at 11 PM on a Fri night), and many interactions with the system seem sluggish.


      Anyone have any ideas or experience addressing issues like this from upgrading?  I am really hoping to be able to avoid a clean install.








      I think the new reload tasks may be running, but the status in the QMC is just really behind what has happened.  Not sure,but this might provide an avenue to look into.


      UPDATE 2


      The system seems to have stabilized.  I think I made a mistake by rebooting right after the upgrade, but the system seems to have corrected itself.  Fingers crossed that it will continue to be stable.

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          Hugo Andrade

          I upgraded from version 2.1.1 to 2.2.3 as well.

          I had the issue number one that you described. For some apps, had to try to migrate 2 or 3 times and it worked for most of them.

          The tasks sometimes start (on schedule) and sometimes don't. But don't throw any error message, just skips it.

          Will continue the migration/ re-work on the apps and will address the tasks later.