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    QlikSense Desktop autoload data ..auto Reload

      Hi Guys,
      For the sake of a POC at a Customer's site, i had been able to Implement AutoLoad ( Auto Reload ) of the data...


      Have a dashboard, with a CHART or TEXT or object TO BLINK as soon as a BUSINESS RULE is met. ( EXCEPTION/ERROR )

      Ideally, customer want to have a SCREEN on the wall, and ONLY when we have an issue, the dashboard need to BLINK something on the screen-Dashboard...


      Data sitting on SQL server.
      Dashboard designed on QLiksense..



      Use API..
          Make use of app.doReload( );


      This is meant only for POC, ideally the Reload should be Triggered by QLIKSENSE SERVER.
      Since the there is AutoReload say after each 15 secs...
      There is a pop Error message on the screen at time... on the desktop version...