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    How do I suppress a pivot table column in NPrinting ?

    Maureen Vickers

      Hi Experts,


      I am outputting two QlikView dashboard pivot table objects in NPrinting to an Excel sheet as shown in the screenshot below.


      The Pivot Table 1 has 1 dimension - Month-Year - and 2 expressions - Sales and Enquiries.


      Whereas, Pivot Table 2 has 2 dimensions...

      1. A Month-Year dimension that displays horizontally across the top of the pivot table

      2. A Customer Name dimension that displays vertically as the left-most column in the table.

      ...and an expression of SUM of Sales.


      The output from NPrinting looks like this in Excel:



      And therein lies the problem. Is there any way in QlikView or NPrinting to hide or suppress the blank column in Pivot Table 2 so that the two pivot tables align with each other when outputted to Excel ?


      Also, the date dimension displays as left-aligned, even though the original QlikView table has right-align set on. Why does NPrinting ignore this attribute ?