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    Calculated dimensions and variables

      Hi ;


      I have a bar graph with the following calculated dimension:


      =if([Report Type]='Daily Report',[Carrier Alt Carrier Designator],

        if([Report Type]='Weekly Report',[YearWeek], 

         if([Report Type]='Monthly Report',[DropMonth],

          if([Report Type]='Overall Summary',[Load Group]))))


      My expression is as follows:


      =Round(sum(aggr(sum(DISTINCT if([Load Status] <>'Voided' and [Load Status]<>'Expired' ,[Weight (kg)])), [Lean ID])),1)/1000


      If l select, report type 'Weekly report' , my dimension on the graph is [YearWeek] which is correct.


      I have also created 2 variables, vmaxPeriod (calculated as max(YearWeek)) and vmaxPeriod_3 (calculated as max(YearWeek)-3).


      I now want to limit dimensions displayed i.e. vMaxPeriod_3<=YearWeek<=vMaxPeriod.


      How do l do this? Please assist.