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    Display Long Text

      Hi guys I want to know if there is any solutions to display files including long texts in QlikView?

      Let me explain more details about my situation. I have a lot of emails in my outlook which I converted to MS Access and imported to QlikView. But some of them are too long.

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          Marcus Sommer

          How long is too long (how many chars)? How did you try to display these data?


          - Marcus

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            Peter Cammaert

            Not really no.


            Displaying very long texts in a text box or a table cell will not cause QlikView to display a vertical scroll bar, unfortunately. However, it the text string doesn't fit in the available space, QlikView will try to display all text in a tooltip-like temporary window if you hover your mouse pointer over the cell. Of course, this technique also has its limitations.


            Why do you want to move your email messages to QlikView?



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              Gysbert Wassenaar

              Well, Qlikview is a BI tool, not an email program or a text editor. You can try using a text box that will display the contents of the field with lost of text. Let the user select a email and use the text box to show the details of the selected email. The text box can have scroll bars if you like.

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                Saran De

                Also, you have to replace some of the characters to avoid unexpected result.


                For instance, if your text has '\n', it will act as new-line and place the remaining text in the next line.


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