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    cyclic dimension giving null values

    arul settu


           i am trying to show top 10 values based on rank function. in qlik sense there is no cyclic group. so i followed this doc

      Makes Sense to go round in circles


      my expression is like this


      if(vLossratio=1,COUNT({<LR_BW_MAKE_DESC = {"=Rank(COUNT({1<BW_FM_DT_YEAR = {'$(=Max(BW_FM_DT_YEAR))'}>}LR_BW_VEH_ID))<=10"}, BW_FM_DT_YEAR = {'$(=Max(BW_FM_DT_YEAR))'}>}LR_BW_VEH_ID),

      if(vLossratio=2 ,COUNT({<LR_BW_MODEL_DESC = {"=Rank(COUNT({1<BW_FM_DT_YEAR = {'$(=Max(BW_FM_DT_YEAR))'}>}LR_BW_VEH_ID))<=10"}, BW_FM_DT_YEAR = {'$(=Max(BW_FM_DT_YEAR))'}>}LR_BW_VEH_ID),

      if(vLossratio=3 ,COUNT({<LR_BW_USAGE_DESC = {"=Rank(COUNT({1<BW_FM_DT_YEAR = {'$(=Max(BW_FM_DT_YEAR))'}>}LR_BW_VEH_ID))<=10"}, BW_FM_DT_YEAR = {'$(=Max(BW_FM_DT_YEAR))'}>}LR_BW_VEH_ID))))



      but it showing null values too. same expression working fine in qlikview.


      can anyone suggest some idea on this


      Thank you