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    QlikView performance when port 4747 is unavailable (Port 80 tunneling)

    Or Shoham

      Dear all,

      Does anyone have significant experience with users accessing a QV server (via client or IE Plugin) through Port 80 tunneling? I am looking to get an idea of what sort of performance to expect, as I have recently gotten complaints from users that they are unable to use QV when connected outside of our organizational network (e.g. via hotel wifi). If anyone has experience on how to allow for a quality QV experience when connected via networks that don't necessarily have port 4747 available, I'd appreciate any input or ideas. Using the AJAX client is out of the question right now due to its inherent limitations compared to client/plugin, sub-par performance, and the fact that it does not free up licenses when the user closes the browser (all of these are supposedly improving in QV10, but I'd rather not wait until September or longer).



      Or Shoham