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    Warning message in after refreshing the document

      Hi All,

      I refreshed the report in the Qlikview Management console page, once report gets refreshed i can see the warning message at the bottom.

      Initializing save (0), Copying permissions to new file (0), Saving F:\Docs\07a4983f-2b73-4950-aed0-9ee18f93e3b0_sales_Report.qvw.tmp (0), Moving temp file to new file (35365), Deleting old file (35365)
      Closing the document.
      Closed the QlikView Engine successfully. ProcessID=2376
      Initializing (0), Finished (655)
      The task "Docs/Sales_Report.qvw" finished with warnings. WarningCount=2

      What is the meaning of Warning count = 2

      I saw similar for other reports with Warning count = 4.