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    'Could not connect to server' with AZAX client on IIS 6


      Qlikview Server v9 SR4 ; NTFS authorization ; Integrated Windows Authentication in IIS 6.

      Can launch the Access Point fine and can successfully launch documents via the IE plugin. However, when launching via the AJAX client, get the following error:-

      'Could not connect to server!'

      The event logs show the following errors:-

      Error Failed to create account IQVS_SERVERNAME, Access is denied.

      Error Anonymous login failed: Logon failure: unknown username or bad password.

      Both the IUSR and IQVS users have full access to the document root folder. The service user is also in the local IIS_WPG group.

      A separate QV app pool has been created in IIS and assigned to the QvAJAXZfc virtual directory as per the Qvs Reference Manual.

      Any ideas?