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    ¿How count with networkdays and other statement?

      Hi Guys,


      I need a help to desing the formula to count a number days range with a field filter.



      I need to count the quantity of tickets that have the state On Going and are from 0 and 5 networkdays. The count in networkdays is from the "Starline" to Today().



      Im using the next formula but doses not work:


      =Count({$<[Status]={'On Going'},{networkdays(Min(Startline), Max (Today())}={'>-1,<6'}>}[Ticket])


      1Task121/02/2016On Going16
      2Task221/02/2016On Going16
      3Task317/03/2016On Going-4
      4Task417/03/2016On Going-4
      5Task517/03/2016On Going-4


      Best regards.