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    Not able to view analytics page


      When we navigate to the analytics page, we get a blank page, with a popup error regarding "File cannot be displayed".

      We are getting quite a bit of 401 and 404 errors too:

      2010-06-21 18:21:20 W3SVC1 GET /GEAnalytics/PageModifications.js - 80 psamer\501780942 Mozilla/4.0+(compatible;+MSIE+6.0;+Windows+NT+5.2;+Win64;+x64;+SV1;+.NET+CLR+2.0.50727;+.NET4.0C;+.NET4.0E) 404 0 2

      2010-06-21 18:21:20 W3SVC1 POST /QvAJAXZfc/QvsViewClient.asp mark=&view=7.3 80 - Mozilla/4.0+(compatible;+MSIE+6.0;+Windows+NT+5.2;+Win64;+x64;+SV1;+.NET+CLR+2.0.50727;+.NET4.0C;+.NET4.0E) 401 1 0


        • Not able to view analytics page

          The issue has been resolved.

          Apparently we set the qvw file to be written in d:\qlikview. But when hitting the analytics URL page, it was trying to read from c:\documents and settings\. It was a configuration error that we made in the Enterprise Manager. Once we went to the Enterprise Manager and changed the Folder to point to d:\qlikview then everything worked fine.