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    On-Demand error when NSQ access .qvw through server, but not from local .qvw (Specified path not found)

    Ali Ahmad



      So I have a test server where I have a .qvw with the on-demand objects on. I’ve tried to trigger some reports with these objects and have tested following two scenarios:

      • Connect to XXX.NSQ – The .qvw is stored on nPrinting server and is connected locally – works with the On Demand object.
      • Connect to YYY.NSQ – The .qvw is stored on a different server and the .NSQ is connected to it through the server – does not work.

      When I try to use the .NSQ that is connected to the .qvw through the server I get an “unspecified path” error on the on-demand queue. I’ve tried to run this report with the designer while it is connected to the .qvw through the server and that works fine, so I don’t get why it won’t work when the on-demand objects are triggering the job.


      Any ideas?