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    Different filters on different objects in same report?

    Claus Hansen

      How do I apply different filters on different objects in the same NPrinting report?


      I am creating a report with several objects from a QlikView file that should be mailed to each recipient as one report. No problems adding filters for current year and current quarter that are the same for all objects. Also have a recipient list that is used for filtering one object by the recipients name. The recipient is a manager and object 1 correctly shows his or her staff using the name as filter.


      But object 2 needs to use the above recipients, the managers, region as filter. This will also come from the recipient list. So I need to apply the recipient name as filter to object 1 and then somehow clear the name and apply the region the recipient belong to for object 2. This is because object 2 is going to show the sum of Opp Amount for several recipients (managers) that belong to the same region. So the recipient can't be selected when applying the recipients region as filter for object 2.


      Haven't really figured out how to do that yet and haven't found anything about it in the manuals yet. Would really appreciate help in solving this issue since I guess I can't be the first to come accross this;-)