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    Server Setup for 200 Users


      We are currently running QVS 8.5 on Windows 2003 x64 Enterprise Edition with 64GB of RAM. We have approximately 15 regular users, and they are rarely logged in at the same time.

      In a few months we are looking at upgrading to QVS 9.0 and releasing QlikView to satellite sites, brining our number users up to around 150, and I estimate we will have 50+ concurrent users signed on in the mornings. I would like to know if there is any one out there with similar user counts? What is your server setup? How have you handled load balancing? Has anyone ever executed a load test on QVS to ensure it can handle this number of users? All information is greatly appreciated, thanks!



        • Server Setup for 200 Users
          John Witherspoon

          We have a similar user base. Let's see... 440 distinct users ever, 238 distinct users in 2010, and 150 distinct users so far in June. I'm doubting that we actually hit 50+ concurrent users, though. And I'm afraid I wasn't involved in setting up the server and how it's handling load balancing.

          There are QlikView customers VASTLY larger than us, though. I doubt that the QlikView Server software is going to be your bottleneck.

          I believe that QlikTech recommends that you set aside an additional 5-10% RAM for every concurrent user. So if 8 GB is enough to handle one user, then let's say you need (100% + 7.5% * 50)*8 = 38 GB of RAM. Though you'd have to have documents much larger than ours to need that much. I believe QlikTech also recommends 2-4GB per core, so you're probably looking at a 10+ core server to handle the load. Again, your documents may not be as large as what I'm estimating with here.