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    Comapre two tables



      i am searching for a peace of code which compares two tables and shows the average of the trainigsvisits.


      Tabel1 (Players):

      PlayerID     Name     Name2     Foot     Age    

      ID_001       Tom        Smith       Right     24

      ID_002        Sarah     Coy         Left       31



      Table2 (Games):

      PlayerID     GameID          Time              Lesson

      ID_001        Game_01       2016-12-01     1

      ID_002        Game_01       2016-12-01     1

      ID_001       Game_02        2016-12-08     2


      How can i compare if every player visited the each gameIDs.

      So i will display for Game_01 / 100% for Game_02 / 50 % and so on.