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    How to get the name of Rank 1 candidate?

      I use a Rank function to determine which merchant has the cheapest price for a specific product.


      I am able to have merchants as dimension and use Rank inside of an Aggr to count how much product a merchant has on Rank 1, 2, 3 ... etc.


      But now I need something different.


      I have the products as dimension in a table. And I want to create a column which gives me that merchant which is on Rank 1.


      I thought about using this:


      If ( aggr ( rank ( -min(price),1,1), product_id, merchant) , merchant)

      but this doesn't work as intended.

      neither does:


      Only ( {pseudo-code: where rank = 1} merchant)


      I have no clue how to achieve this.