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    Crosstable and where


      I made a crosstable of a csv file, now should I apply a where clause to exclude some lines, why Qlik did not leave it? how can you fix this?

      This is the frame of script:


      FOR Each file in FileList('..\..\IMPORT\MOVIMENTI\ORE\MENSILE\New\*.csv')

        CrossTable(C_CAUSALI, W_ORE_TOTALI, 7)


        LOAD text(mid(FileBaseName(),1,3)) AS C_AZIENDA,

        text(SubField(FileBaseName(), ' ', 3)) AS ANNO,

        FileName() AS FILENAME,


        FROM $(file) (txt, codepage is 1252, embedded labels, delimiter is ';', msq, header is 2 lines);



      NEXT file;


      Thank you in advance.