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    Dynamic CAL assignment with Indentify user by Machine Name

    Supada Danaiwan

      I use "machine name" for indentification and allow dynamic CAL assignment,
      when client access server by accesspoint, the server will assigned user automatic
      User is "Machine Name + MAC adrress" such as "SUPADA-PC [00-FF-E0-65-70-88]"

      But some client is assigned is "{6A8EBA07-D948-4808-92CC-E6BEA4FAB1C9}@"
      and that client access again the server assigned new user is "{9D035F8A-F8D5-4A92-81CC-60FD27AB70E1}@"

      I would like to know why server not assign user is Machine Name + MAC address

      I user Qlikview server 9

      please suggest me.

      Thanks a lot for your answer