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    Nprinting Issue: I draped one feild output is another feild

    Guruprem Saginadham



      I am printing an Excel Form using Nprinting, Most of the fields are working perfectly but after some rows of excel, thins going wrong


      What I have done:

      I dragged and dropped the QV Table columns as values into Npting Excel Report , it looks like



      What's happening in the Output:

      Untill row 22 output is what I expected, from row 23 on words o/p is differing from what I designed.

      Example: Row23 should be <FULL BUSINESS ADDRESS> , but I got the output of  <Spouse RegID> .


      From Row 23 on words all the output fields jumbled , I mean they are being printed but not at the designed cells.



      Note: I am using Nprinting